Melanie Locke | Mutual Fund Advisor Assistant | 123 Retire

Melanie Locke BA

Mutual Fund Advisor Assistant – Manulife Wealth Inc.
Executive Assistant - 123Retire

Melanie owns the friendly voice you hear when you call our office. She has become instrumental to our team’s success.

Apart from a great attitude, Melanie keeps this organization operational on a day-to-day basis. Since joining the firm, she's proven to be able to fix most problems, both internal and external, in a timely and professional manner. As you can appreciate, over the years, her knowledge has become extensive.

Prior to joining 123Retire, Melanie worked in tech support for 5 years. That experience makes her especially good at handling questions posed by Robert and, of course, his clients. Incidentally, she's also bilingual (English and French).

Melanie is mutual funds licensed; however, under the terms of her licence, she is not allowed to solicit trades. Nevertheless, she has proven more than capable of helping clients with their issues and processing their trade requests.

Once we learned that Melanie always wanted to join the RCMP, albeit as a K9 officer, we quickly appointed her to be our Compliance Officer. We can confirm that she's taken this appointment to heart.

Now that her children are no longer involved in sports, Melanie has rediscovered that she does have a life. When she gets some downtime, she likes to read; she's also confessed to watching reality TV.

No one is indispensable, but in our office, Melanie comes close. Robert says that's because she specializes in making him look good.

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